Hello! I’m Jay, a Freelance Graphic Designer based in Columbia, MD.

My name is Jay Lautner – a professional, qualified graphic designer who specializes in multiple areas of design. These predominantly include web design, branding, video production, and digital design. When my time isn’t occupied by my one-year old Akita, I love creating digital marketing materials – not only for clients but as a personal creative outlet to share my work with others. I’m extremely passionate about what I do and strive to forward the knowledge of my experiences to the next wave of young designers.

Latest Awards

2020 Hermes Creative Awards
Gold Winner – Website Design

2020 MUSE Creative Awards
Gold Winner – Website Design

2020 AVA Digital Awards
Gold Winner – Business to Consumer Website

My portfolio is more than just a portfolio

For me, graphic design is more than just a creative outlet. It’s an opportunity to measure my growth and educate others along the way.

Design is all about visual communication – communicating a visual message. It’s a tool that helps you attract new consumers to your business. It not only showcases your product or service but shows the general public just how reputable your company really is.

My goal is to convey a message for the clients and businesses I work for, so they can visually represent their products and services as accurately as possible to their target demographic.


Began freelance design
career in 2015


Well-versed in a wide variety of industries.


Always open to creating new
user experiences.


Enthusiastic about the endless possibilities of design

Let’s get started on your next project!