The Problem

Whitman-Walker’s web presence is comprised of two websites; one for healthcare and the other for its business model. It was decided by leadership that these two main entities should remain separate under two different domains:

whitmanwalkerimpact.orgbusiness model

The problem was the need for more cohesion in brand consistency, purpose, and connection on the business model website. Patients seeking service information through Google often found themselves lost on the business model site without any connector to the healthcare site.

Whitman-Walker Health patient website.

The Solution

My original suggestion was to combine both websites using the familiar domain used for the healthcare site, create a thoughtful navigation for users to easily find their needs, and highlight each brand identity under the Whitman-Walker name.

Since it was required to keep the websites separate, we needed to give the site a purpose and create a visual user experience that compliments the original site.


Total Care & Equity

The Health System strives to expand Whitman-Walker’s services, reach, and programs while growing and amplifying a national brand.

News & Stories

January 24, 2023

WJLA: Whitman-Walker Health Celebrates 50 Years of serving the LGBTQ+ Community

January 24, 2023

Whitman-Walker Celebrates 50 Years Rooted in Community

January 24, 2023

Respect for Marriage Act secures marriage equality – what it means for same-sex, interracial and inter-ethnic couples

Coming In Early Fall
The New
Max Robinson Center

This fall, Whitman-Walker will mark the 50th anniversary year with the debut of our new health care and research home on the campus of Saint Elizabeths East, already home to the Entertainment & Sports Arena and the future site of mixed-income for-sale and rental housing, a new full-service hospital, new office and retail, and other neighborhood-serving amenities.

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Whitman-Walker at 1525
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Whitman-Walker at LIZ
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Max Robinson Center
2301 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE
Washington, DC 20020

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